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An accident or mistake that results in serious injury or death always has a profound impact on many—not just the victim. Serious accidents and the injuries that result can incapacitate an entire family, especially when the person who was injured or killed was the head of the household.  If nothing is done early on to compensate for this loss, the injury could be severely compounded in the future.

Fortunately, you do not have to settle for that type of future.  If you have been injured you need to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.  Contact a skilled personal injury attorney at Drost, Gilbert, Andrew, & Apicella today.

At DGAA, we will assist you with any of the following personal injury matters:

Car Accidents and other Transportation Accidents. If you have been injured in a car, motorcycle, truck, train, snowmobile, personal watercraft or boating accident and someone else is at fault for the accident that caused your injuries, you should receive compensation. Your claim should include not just reimbursement of your medical expenses but also compensation for your pain and suffering, and for any losses in your future earning potential that are due to the accident.  We are experienced in these types of claims, and will fight to ensure that you receive full compensation for your losses.

Construction Accidents. In Illinois, there are special laws in place to protect construction workers who are injured on the job. If you suffered a worksite injury, you need to understand the legal protections to which you are entitled. You may be entitled to file claims against your employer and others to compensate you for your injuries and lost earnings.

Work-related Injuries. If you have been injured on the job, you are most likely entitled to collect benefits under the Illinois Workers Compensation Act.  After suffering a work-related injury, you should consult a personal injury attorney immediately to discuss your best course of action in seeking compensation for your injuries.

Dog Bites.  If you have been injured by a dog or another domestic pet, the Illinois Animal Control Act allows you to seek damages from the pet owner, even without showing any negligence or fault on the part of the pet owner.  The statute hold pet owner’s strictly liable for the damages caused by their pets and makes it fairly easy for a victim to seek and receive compensation for his injuries.

Medical / Dental Malpractice. If you have been injured due to a misdiagnosis or malpractice by a physician or dentist, you should be able to recover the full amount of any economic losses that you suffered, including the cost of medical treatment and lost wages.  In addition, you may be able to recover non-economic losses that you suffered due to the injury.

Wrongful Death. The Illinois Wrongful Death Act allows surviving spouses and children of individuals who have been killed due to the negligence or wrong-doing of another to sue for monetary damages. The law will permit the family members to recover for the “money, benefits, goods, and services that the decedent customarily contributed in the past” as well as that which he would have contributed in the future.

Product Liability. If you have been injured due to the use of dangerous or defective products, you may be able to recover damages. Dangerous or defective products could include: prescription drugs, medical devices, tools, vehicles and vehicle accessories, chemicals, food, toys, and household goods.

Premises Liability. If you have been injured while living on or visiting another person’s property, you may be able to recover damages if you can prove that the property owner’s negligence led to your injuries. These injuries could include slip and fall, exposure to lead or mold, or drowning.

Dram Shop. If you have suffered an injury due to the actions of an intoxicated person, than the Illinois Liquor Control Act may allow you to sue the business establishment that sold liquor to the intoxicated person.

Experienced Chicago and Northwest Suburb Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been injured consult an experienced personal injury attorney right away.  Contact Drost, Gilbert, Andrew & Apicella today to speak to a skilled personal injury lawyer.  Your DGAA lawyer will vigorously fight to ensure you are fully compensated for your loss so that you can recover from your accident and move on to best possible future for yourself and your family. We have offices in Chicago and Cook County, and we serve clients throughout the greater Chicagoland area including Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Inverness, Schaumburg, and Barrington.