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Illinois Corporate Lawyer for Chicago and Cook County

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Whether you are starting a new business or growing an established business, you will undoubtedly face complex and important decisions every day which will profoundly affect your financial future.  The assistance of experienced business-savvy, legal counsel is a necessity.  Contact a corporate lawyer at Drost, Gilbert, Andrew, & Apicella today.  At DGAA, we will assist you with any of the following corporate or business matters:

Business and Corporate Law. We offer effective and knowledgeable legal counsel for all stages of business development and operation. If you are just beginning the process of establishing your business, we can provide advice on separating from your employer, non-compete agreements, and issues relating to work-product. We will assist you in obtaining an employer ID from the IRS and in electing Subchapter S or similar tax treatment.  If your business is ready to hire employees, we will advise and assist you as your business takes on new tax and payroll challenges.  If your business is growing and adding many employees, we can draft an employee manual and assist you in negotiating employment contracts.

Incorporation, LLC, or Sole Proprietorship. If you are ready to get your business underway, we can guide you through the process of incorporation and assist you with choices regarding which type of business entity to select, from corporations to LLC’s or sole proprietorships.  We will draft shareholder or partnership agreements and help get your business established.

Business Disputes.  Businesses at every stage of development will encounter disputes.  As you obtain goods and services to grow your business, you may encounter disputes related to contracts or leases.  As your business grows and adds employees, you may encounter employee-related disputes.  We can assist in resolving the full-range of business disputes using negotiation, arbitration, or litigation.

Dissolving Partnership. If your business partnership is ending, we can assist in dissolving your partnership in a manner that protects your best interests.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales of a Business. We can handle the merger, acquisition, or sale of your business or corporation, and serve your vital interests through this complex process.

Registered Agent Services. As your lawyer, we can act as the registered agent for your business. On your behalf, we will accept legal process and receive documents from the state including tax-related documents and annual report forms.

Experienced Corporate Attorneys

From the creation of a business to the dissolution or sale of a business, and all operating and dispute-resolution matters in between, you need an experience corporate attorney to protect your financial interests.

Consult a dedicated corporate attorney right away.  Contact Drost, Gilbert, Andrew & Apicella today to speak to a skilled corporate lawyer.  We personalized counsel and advocacy relating to the establishment, operation, dispute-resolution, or growth of your business.  We have offices in Chicago and Cook County, and we serve clients throughout the greater Chicagoland area including Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Inverness, Schaumburg, and Barrington.