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Clearing an “Illinois Hold” for Out-of-State Drivers

Illinois Lawyers Specializing in Clearing an “Illinois Hold” for Out-of-State Drivers

An Out-of-State driver whose driver’s license has been revoked or suspended by the Secretary of State under the Illinois Vehicle Code may be unable to obtain or renew his license in his home state due to a “hold” set in place by the state of Illinois. All state authorities must consult the National Registry of Driving Records before issuing or renewing a driver’s license, in order to ensure that the driver has no DUI convictions, unpaid tickets, or other suspend able offenses in another state.

If you need to clear your “Illinois Hold” before your state will issue or renew your driver’s license, contact an experienced Illinois hold attorney at Drost, Gilbert, Andrew, & Apicella right away.

The Process of Clearing an “Illinois Hold”

If the State of Illinois has placed a hold on your driver’s license, the hold will remain in effect indefinitely until you clear it through the Secretary of State’s hearing process.  The process of clearing a hold can be complex and extremely frustrating. If you live within 30 miles of the Illinois border, you will be required to appear in person at an informal or formal hearing before an officer of the Illinois Secretary of State before your hold will be cleared.

If you live further than 30 miles away from the Illinois border, you will be given the choice of either appearing in person at a hearing, or submitting an out-of-state packet of paperwork. The preliminary paperwork includes affidavits, evaluations, and letters from character witnesses. The out-of-state packet also contains a very detailed questionnaire created by the Secretary of State, which requires accurate and precise responses.  If you submit paperwork that is incomplete or improperly prepared, the petition to clear your hold will almost certainly be denied. Significantly, each time your petition is denied, the process of clearing your hold becomes more complicated and difficult. Each failed attempt to clear your hold will count against you in future attempts to clear your hold.

What an Attorney Can Do to Assist in Clearing your “Illinois Hold”

An experienced attorney can assist you in clearing your “Illinois Hold,” by ensuring that your paperwork is completed properly and in a manner that meets the exacting standards of the Secretary of State’s Office. In addition, a lawyer will ensure that you have all necessary supporting documentation to support your petition to clear your hold.  Finally, a lawyer will prep you for your hearing and will thoroughly prepare you to answer all of the questions that the hearing officer will pose to you.

Experienced “Illinois Hold” Attorneys at DGAA

If you need to clear your “Illinois Hold” before your state will issue or renew your driver’s license, it is important that you consult with an attorney right away.  Contact Drost, Gilbert, Andrew & Apicella today to speak to an attorney who is experience in the process of clearing an “Illinois Hold.”  We have offices in Chicago and Cook County, and we serve clients throughout the greater Chicagoland area including Arlington Heights, Rolling Meadows, Palatine, Inverness, Schaumburg, and Barrington.