Flat Fee

Through the Online Illinois Attorney™ service, DGAA will provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need at an affordable price.  Each consultation is customized to your specific question or document. Was your document purchased from an internet service? DGAA will review the document to ensure you obtained the desired result and are in compliance with Illinois law.

How it Works

-   Submit your question and/or document for review.  Be sure to include all the necessary contact information.

-   Within 24 hours of submission, A DGAA partner will review your request and contact you via phone or email.

-   At that time, if it is determined by DGAA that they can be of service, you will schedule your 30 minute consultation and pay for services.

-   There are no fees until the consultation is agreed upon.

-   You will be charged a flat fee of $75 per legal question and $125 per document review of 0-20 pages (if your document exceeds 20 pages, we will present you with a quote before proceeding).

-   Please be advised that the attorney client privilege does not commence until services are paid for.  In the event that DGAA cannot adequately answer your question or review your document through the Online Illinois Attorney™ service, you will be referred to the full service branch of the firm.

-   Click below to read our full terms and conditions.

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